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10 March 2012 @ 01:48 am
My Girl rewatch continues!  

And so we continue. =) These are just random thoughts as I watch so enjoy!

- So best way to defuse a tense situation with your "boss?" Have him walk in on you naked. Works like a charm. Also? Never change, Yoo-rin.


- So I've always had this insane image that Gong-chan's closet consists solely of suits and sweaters. Mmm...Lee Dong-wook can certainly work a sweater like nobody's business. (Though his hair is suspiciously mullet-like early on in the series. I just noticed that it was pretty long in the back there.)
- Yoo-rin's mind is fantastically crazy place. I LOVE her daydreams. The one with Gong-chan and the money? Or where Grandpa gives her everything (the hotel, the house, China, the dog. *giggle*) and Gong-chan nothing? Priceless. Lee Dong-wook doesn't really get many times to be crazy (though if you want to see him do some comedy, Wild Romance is your best bet!).
- Aw...the introduction of the 63 Building. That's going to be such an important place for them. Gong-chan <3 Yoo-rin FOREVAH! I love this show so much!
- So, how many people LOVE it whenever Gong-chan ditches Tennis Girl for Yoo-rin? And then she makes that upset face? That would be me. Ugh. She forever annoys me. How do you dump such a nice guy like Gong-chan? How? Speaking of which, I always hated how Yoo-rin never seemed to stand up to Tennis Girl. Thankfully the Hong Sisters' next drama had a heroine who never let the second female lead walk all over her (Fantasy Couple). But I digress.


- (Hahahaha, their faces in that cap. Someone just asked if they were "intimate acquaintances." FOREVER FUNNY). So, episode 4 is when I think they both start to fall in love with the other--when they are trapped in the mountain for the night. Gong-chan watches Yoo-rin, so full of energy--of life, sing. Yoo-rin takes a picture of him smiling. It's SO the moment that they see each other differently. And Tennis Girl just had to go and interrupt their good feelings. MEH. And he was going to take her back to the 63 Building too! Damn it all! Her selfishness is SO obnoxious.
- And Yoo-rin goes ahead and pushes them together cause she's perceptive and awesome. And oooooh the look on her face? Honey, you're already in deep. =( =(
- I've always loved that despite being reserved, Gong-chan is truly a nice guy. It's fairly rare that I come across a kdrama guy that I would want in real life. I may root for all manner of kdrama guys but I would never touch them with a ten-foot pole in real life. Gong-chan though? ALWAYS. (Tae-bong from Dal-ja's Spring is also on that list btw). Though that necklace he gave Tennis Girl is ugly as all get out so I may not ask him to pick me any jewelry, haha.

Arg. I'm getting sleepy so no more from me. =)