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08 March 2012 @ 01:37 pm
Chun-hyang up to the end. =)  

So I finished Chun-hyang (in like three days, yay for not sleeping!). My comments will cover the rest of the series so, as River Song would say, SPOILERS.

- Okay so now we've hit the Time Skip (trademark Kdrama) and, you know, it's actually a device I don't hate at much as the rest of the drama world. *shrug* Anyway, so it should surprise no one but Mong-ryong grows up to BE THE MOST AWESOME EVER. *ahem* I mean, he grows up to be a prosecutor who's kicking ass and taking names (and writing apology letters). I LOVE the scene where he reveals himself as a DA in that nightclub. It's like BAM I'm Mong-ryong and I'm no longer a teenager.

- I talked a bit about Chun-hyang's character in the last post but I do love that she's very self-sufficient. She's made quite a name of herself in two years.

- To be honest. I find that they "find" each through a phone call (though the picture reveal is awesome) pretty anti-climatic. I mean, she hangs up on him, hahaha. But man if Mong-ryong isn't persistent? It's so awesome to finally see him finally have the confidence to go after Chun-hyang when they're not under Aujusshi's thumb. And you can tell that Chun-hyang is just tired of fighting that her usual defense--being mean--just isn't effective.

- I love that now having been in the drama world for sometime, I can see the parodies and pick out what their making fun of (Full House, I'm Sorry but I Love You). When I first watched this I was like "huh?"

- Ahjusshi's "redemption" comes too late for me to care that he feels bad about splitting them up. Yeah, whatever dude. You ruined two people's lives for years.

- I never liked the whole "throwing yourself off a building thing." It's edited weirdly and is only okay because of the flashback to the folktale. Still. Thank god for that convenient air-bag thing. Phew. (Hehehe)

- And I ADORE how the folktale comes back and ties everything together. It's poignant and fabulous. Though here's something I always wondered. At the very end when Chun-hyang and Mong-ryong are talking back and forth (both present and folktale versions), folktale Chun-hyang and present-day Mong-ryong say that same things and vice-versa. How is the audience supposed to take that. When I first saw it, I automatically think that those are the characters that are supposed to be connected (folktale Chun-hyang is present day Mong-ryong) but I was never quite sure if I was reading too much into it. It would be an interesting twist if I'm right. Thoughts?




singing_treesinging_tree on March 8th, 2012 10:09 pm (UTC)
I actually really liked the phone call. THEIR FACES. The world stops for a second.

Chun-hyang is awesome. She's selfless and protective, but can't deal with love and feelings very well and keeps them to herself. While Mong-ryong is the exact opposite, he wears his heart on his sleeve. I love how they're different, and yet really fit together.

Agree with you on Ahjusshi. He should've rotten in jail, really. I believe at the end, with the wedding, he's standing there in front of the church right? What is he doing there? Get away from them, you creepy stalker. Argh. At least he wasn't invited.

Aw, that picture. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. I'm starting this tomorrow, can't wait!