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Kdrama Challenge Day #21 and #22

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I'll be getting back to My Girl soon. I was sick so I was sleeping most of the time. And then I wanted to catch up on a couple airing dramas (Moon Embracing the Sun and Shut Up Flower Boy Band specifically. EVERYONE should watch the latter...not so much the former). But for now, I going to continue to inch closer and closer to finishing this meme. =)

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random - kang ji-wan yay!

My Girl episode 1-2


So. As I've mentioned several times, My Girl is my favorite drama of anything I've watched. It's has never stopped being amazing to me even on repeat viewing. Now, I don't believe it's perfect. (Though they are my favorites, the Hong Sisters' are far from perfect drama writers). But it is perfect where it counts so that's all that matters to me. =)

Onwards with my spoilery thoughts! =D

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