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21 July 2019 @ 07:24 pm
Drama Ratings  

Ratings out of 10. Keep in mind that I'm rating based on my opinion and not objectively. I'd like to think that my taste is excellent BUT we all know that no one's infallible, lol.

UPDATED: 02/28/12


Full House -- 7/10

Cute bickering OTP but with repetitive, consistent logicfail. The fashion may scare the uninitiated.

My Girl -- 9/10

Hilarious and heartbreaking with an awesome OTP. We all wish we were as awesome as Yu-rin and we all wish we had a guy like Gong-chan. The ending is a bit lackluster but doesn’t detract too much.

Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang – 8/10

Funny and sweet high school romance. Hero steals the entire show with his expressive eyes and hilarious faces. The angst train hits really hard in this one and I hate the second leads with a passion. This one makes me yell at my television.

Who Are You? – 7.5/10

Weird premise that's oddly not weird in execution. Yoon Kye-sang is awesome. Go Ara is pretty but wooden.

Goong – 7/10

Gorgeous costume, set design, score and cinematography. Acting is mediocre and Heroine cries..a lot. Still, enjoyable in its own way. One of my guilty pleasure dramas.

Coffee Prince – 9/10

Despite a slow start, it’s poignant and thoughtful (and it’s set to a great soundtrack!). The OTP will kill you with its cuteness. Awesome acting especially from Gong Yoo. The last few episodes are draggy but not annoyingly so. (OH! And then there’s Lee Seon-gun but he’s always awesome).

My Name is Kim Sam Soon – 6/10

First half is funny and quirky. Second half makes you wonder what happened to Heroine’s personality as it completely changes. Hero is kind of an ass too and stays that way. At least Daniel Henney’s cute…

Love Marriage – 6/10

Fluffy, sweet drama that has little to no conflict. Unfortunately that makes it forgettable. No seriously, I can’t remember what happened in this one. Something about divorce lawyers? Maybe?

Capital Scandal – 9/10

Gorgeous, heart-breaking and romantic story of rebellion in Japanese-occupied, 1920s Korea. Kang Ji-hwan charmed his way into my heart with this one as the apathetic playboy, Wan. Han Go-eun is Cha Song-joo, the courtesan who’s secretly an assassin. I defy you not to think she’s awesomesauce.

9 End 2 Outs – 8/10

Slice-of-life drama about two best friends that would be unremarkable if not for the two leads’ chemistry. The baseball metaphors can be a bit heavy-handed at times but enjoyable overall.

Spring Waltz – 7.5/10

Has all the usual melodrama trappings but is helped by beautiful cinematography, music and adorable OTP. I want to punch many of the other character unfortunately. Butif all else fails, Daniel Henney is really attractive.

Last Scandal – 9/10

Funny, zippy story about an ahjumma who reunites with her first love and gets a second chance at love. Adorable OTP (he’s a childish megastar lying about his age and she’s his housekeeper who’ll kick him in the shin if necessary). Reminiscent of Full House but better in story and character. (Not so much on the fashion front though).

Boys Over Flowers – 6/10

The Korean adaptation of my beloved “Hana Yori Dango” fell flat on its face in the second half. Not only did they mangle Makino’s character but they wasted their greatest asset--Lee Min-ho. He carried the entire production with his interpretation of Domyoji (plus, he looked the part). Pity they turned him passive. Oh well…

Lawyers of Korea – 6.5/10

I think I only enjoyed this for just how weird the lead guy is. Seriously, he was bonkers. Other than that…eh.

City Hall – 9/10

A slow start hinders this otherwise awesome story about politics in a small town. Kim Sun-ah and Cha Seung-won are electric together. You need to suspend your disbelief for the most part but…the OTP is just perfect that I don’t even care. Remains one of the most romantic dramas I have ever seen.

That Fool – 6/10

Unremarkable, run-of-the-mill story about a postman in a contract relationship with an actress. Props for a decent acapella rendition of Over the Rainbow.

Story of a Man – 9.5/10

Intense and gripping underdog story. Kim Kang-woo is chilling as the ruthless, calculating CEO, Do-woo. Everything worked for me here – especially the characters.

Brilliant Legacy – 8.5/10

Though the story employs every kdrama trope known to man, it does them well. It’s a bit like comfort food, really. Lee Seung-gi is a standout here and his character is perfectly written and developed.  Not to mention that this is the drama that introduced me to Bae Soo-bin…I am eternally in your debt.

What's Up Fox? – 7/10

One of the better offerings of “older woman and younger man” dramas. I prefer this over Kim Sam-soon anyways (though it IS the same writer). Chun Jung-myung is adorable as our heroine’s steadfast suitor. The ending is a bit frustrating in its open-endedness. Still, it’s pretty funny.

One Fine Day – 5/10

Gong Yoo is really the only good thing in this drama about former stepsiblings falling in love (THE HORROR!) The plot, for the most part, is pretty forgettable and ordinary. Not to mention that it falls into the clichés of melodrama all too quickly.

Hello My Teacher – 7.5/10

Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-jin? That’s enough for me to grit my teeth and ignore most if not all flaws. Still, Gong Hyo-jin’s character is a bit too indecisive and the plot becomes rather contrived. It has a lot of heart though.

Save the Last Dance for Me – 7/10

Romantic melodrama about a guy who loses his memory and falls in love with the sweet innkeeper’s daughter. Eugene is actually quite likable and not annoyingly “plucky.” It falls into the usual flotsam and jetsam of kdrama but not enough to make me roll my eyes. The secondary girl? I HATE HER. That is all.

Fantasy Couple – 8/10

Entertaining and hilarious adaptation of Overboard. Han Ye-seul is fabulous as the bitchy hotel heiress who loses her memory. It favors slapstick but is still really fun to watch. Not particularly romantic but I bet you’ll grow to love Anna despite her roughness. I sure did.

Snow White/Taste Sweet Love – 5/10

Meh. Don’t know why I watched this. The heroine grated on my last nerve and they attempted to cram too much angst in the last two episodes. Not worth it.

Partner – 7.5/10

Korean Law and Order in that the law aspect is totally not important. Lee Dong-wook is winning as the lazy but charming attorney. I could’ve done without the adulterous brother though…

You’re Beautiful – 8.5/10

Charming, hilarious and, above all, cracky. Jang Geun-suk steals the show and my heart. The ending was quite rushed and the symbolism was VERY heavy-handed. This is the type of drama that just puts a smile on your face (as long as you don’t try to think too hard about what’s going on).

Bad Family – 8.5/10

Hilarious and heartwarming about how a fake family must come together for the sake of a little girl. Kim Myung-min is awesome as a dumb-as-dirt gangster with a soft heart. The romance isn’t at the forefront but is sweet.

Lovers in Paris – 6/10

An okay romantic melodrama that got down-right annoying when everyone starting whining about everything. I liked the hero and found the ending to be unique. I still have a pretty meh reaction to it though.

Invincible Lee Pyung-kang -- 8/10

Likable leads in a funny and zippy retelling of a folk legend. Ji Hyun-woo’s charisma made me fall head over heels for his character. Nam Sang-mi is adorable as usual. I found the ending a bit WTF with how the plot resolved itself. Still worth the watch!

Lovers in Prague -- 7/10

A unique premise (for a kdrama anyway) turns very bipolar midway through. I get very sad when I imagine where this drama could've gone.

Thank You -- 9.5/10

Gorgeous and fairy tale-like story about a single mother and her HIV+ daughter. Jang Hyuk is scorching hot and fitting as a sarcastic and cynical surgeon. Gong Hyo-jin is her lovely self as usual and brings real warmth and honesty to her character.

Smile You – 8/10

Funny and heartwarming and with an incredibly winning OTP. Lee Min-jung is adorable and Jung Kyung-ho is charming as all get out.  Unfortunately, it drags around the middle due to an extension and thus there is some unnecessary angst. Main couple is the only thing that kept me going until the end.

Lovers – 6.5/10

The final part of the Lovers Trilogy starts off with promise. Unfortunately mid-way through, the plot stalls in favor of them pining for the other in aggravating ways. (STOP STARING AT EACH OTHER). In the end, their love is just not as epic as we’re led to believe.

All About Eve – 6.5/10

Typical and unexceptional melodrama about two girls constantly at odds with the other.  Chae Rim is sweet but somehow feels very cookie cutter. Kim So-yeon brings unexpected depth to her portrayal of a bitter woman envious of what she doesn’t have. Jang Dong-gun is particularly charismatic as Chae Rim’s Prince Charming.

Wish Upon a Star – 7/10

Heart-warming family story about a young girl who must raise her five younger siblings after her parent’s die. Great character development for the two main characters yet the plot is a bit crazy and the side characters are head-ache inducing.

Pasta – 7.5/10

Lee Seon-gun and Gong Hyo-jin have chemistry that BURNS. Plot is a bit all over the place. Too many characters clutter the sub-plots and the second leads are vastly underused. Still…OTP! OTP! OTP! (Plus: food porn!)

Soulmate – 7/10

The soundtrack is beyond amazing and the plot is rather unique. However, I couldn’t stand Lee Soo-kyung and boggled at her character’s hypocrisy and weepiness (at least at the end). I couldn't root for her at all. Shin Dong-wook is incredibly hot though. I focused primarily on that in the end...

Personal Taste – 7.5/10

Rough directing and a slow start hinder this otherwise enjoyable rom-com about a guy impersonating a gay man. Son Ye-jin and Lee Min-ho are endearing and adorable together. They pretty much carry the entire thing though the side characters, for the most part, are amusing. The ending is very messy and not even The Cute can make up for it.

The Devil – 7/10

Gorgeously shot and intriguing story about a detective’s dark past. Fine acting across the board – Joo Ji-hoon especially. I love the soundtrack as well. Unfortunately, I found it hard to care about the good guy which was fundamental to my caring about what happened in the end.

Cinderella’s Sister - 7.5/10

The first four episodes exude a whimsical fairy tale vibe that was so good I could cry. Unfortunately, they decided to take the melodrama route. Though the acting is phenomenal, the plot is slow and nonsensical. I had such high hopes for this one. *sigh*

Family’s Honor - 8/10

A family drama that’s got a lot of heart and humor. I loved all of the characters that I was willing to ignore the plot slowing down in the end (and various contrivances). Park Shi-hoo deserves props for his turn as the cold-blooded businessman, Geun-suk. (I’ll even forgive him being turned into a joke there at the end).

Conspiracy in the Court -- 8.5/10

Complex, harrowing and gorgeous. While I didn't love all of the characters or completely understand them, I enjoyed watching this. Lee Chun-hee is what made this for me. (Also, the soundtrack rocks).

Tamra, the Island -- 8/10

Despite the truly awful first episode, this one sucks you into this whimsical and beautiful world. And it's a fun if uncomplicated ride. Sometimes I thought the characters were taking the occasional idiot pill but not too often that I was pulling my hair out. Im Joo-hwan is spectacular as the Mr. Darcy-ish character Park Kyu aka the only sane one. (Despite his really big ears. Just saying).

Alone in Love -- 8.5/10

Quiet, understated but never lacking in real emotion. If I imagined an indie movie that was reincarnated as a kdrama, this would be it. Son Ye-jin is an emotional powerhouse as a woman struggling to reconcile her emotions about her ex-husband, what their life was and the possibility that he's her true love. Lee Hana is notable as the quirky sister. Though it's not something I would watch again, it's one of the best kdramas I've ever seen. 

Dal-ja's Spring -- 8/10

Fast-paced and...quite peppy. The whole younger man and older woman romance has never appealed to me so I was mildly surprised and pleased that I enjoyed this as much as a did. Lee Min-ki is perfect as Kang Tae-bong and I wish I knew where I could find one. Chae Rim does a great job as the hapless but not annoying Dal-ja. I didn't care too much for the work place stuff but find Seon-joo to be awesome -- rather like a modern day Cha Song-joo from Capital Scandal. All in all, fun ride. 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho -- 9/10

Sweet, hilarious, fast-paced, heartbreaking. This drama has it all. Shin Mina positively sparkles as the gumiho (or Mi-ho) and it's her energy that carries the bulk of this drama. Lee Seung-gi is wonderful as the cowardly slacker who grows into a true knight in shining armor. (And it should never go without saying that these two are positively adorable together). The supernatural elements really elevate the storyline into something beautiful and poignant. I would watch this several times over. Hoi-hoi!

Dae Jang Geum -- 8/10

Epic, sweeping and rich in detail. I can see why this was such a phenom. back in the day. Jang-geum feels a bit too flawless at times so she didn't exactly feel real to me. I also felt that the romance had more potential than was allowed (but I also get that it wasn't meant to be the focus). But those are tiny complaints in an overall enjoyable drama.

Dong Yi -- 9/10

I recently saw this referred to as a "fairy tale sageuk" and that's really the best way to describe it -- the fairy tale of a low-born girl who becomes the king's concubine. Dong Yi is heartwarming, entertaining (for better or for worse) and has a world inhabited by very lovable characters. The evolution of the awkwardly sweet romance between King Sukjong and Dong Yi is a joy to watch. I'm not saying that this is a perfect drama, far from it.  (And I freely admit that I'm biased about this one). The acting, directing and so forth all have spotty patches. And I contend that it's not for everyone. But for me, I never grew tired of watching the underdog come out on top. One of the few dramas that truly satisfied me from beginning to end.

I Really, Really Like You -- 7/10

I really, really wanted to like this. Lee Min-ki! Eugene! Being adorable together! Also, it takes place in the Blue House (i.e Korea's White House)! These are all things that I like. But SO much of the plot is taken up by the President's son who was annoying to the nth degree. I fast-forwarded through anything not OTP (which was developed far too late).

Playful Kiss -- 8/10

Nostalgic and atmospheric, Korea's take on Itazura na Kiss is probably my favorite despite its numerous flaws. Jung So-min breaths life into the tiresome character of Kotoko. Kim Hyun-jong is...passable but I still feel like there are better actors who could've taken his place. I wish the story would have melded better and established more tension earlier than it did. It started quietly and it ended quietly.

Star in my Heart -- 8/10

This classic melodrama is CRAZY. And that is not understatement. It feels like a bad 90s music video (and every one dresses thus). But it is wonderfully addictive and the hero is super hot. Every thing here is convoluted and trite but OH SO GOOD.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal -- 8.5/10

This is a drama that is just plain fun to watch. Never mind it messy, confusing ending. Never mind it's 2D side characters. Enjoy the camaraderie between the Jalgeum Quartet. Enjoy how beautifully shot it is. Enjoy the awkward and cute romance between our two leads. Yoo Ah-in and Song Joong-ki steal nearly every scene that their in as the rebel Jae-shin and the playboy Yong-ha. (And their bromance makes me giddy with fangirlish glee).

Flowers for my Life -- 10/10

This is a kdrama that doesn't feel like a kdrama. Unique, beautiful, darkly humorous, poignant at every turn, characters that make your heart swell and ache. It has it all in spades. Just perfect.

The Return of Iljimae -- 9/10

Sweeping and epic but also kickass. It's a bit of a slow watch but it's very satisfying at the same time. Bonus points for dressing up Jung Il-woo as a gisaeng repeatedly.

Mary Stayed Out All Night -- 7.5/10

Jang Geun-suk and Moon Geun-young are FREAKING ADORABLE. No seriously. It's like kittens and puppies frolicking in a meadow of rainbows and unicorns. Unfortunately the rest of this drama is a mess with sloppy plot and underwritten characters. Excuse me while I go pray to the Drama Gods to let these two star in a drama again. Such a wasted opportunity.

Secret Garden -- 8/10

Sparkly tracksuits ahoy! This drama would not have worked if not for the stellar acting from Hyun Bin and the chemistry he had with Ha Ji-won (who I felt didn't have a whole lot to do here. Not really).  The plot is a bit.....contrived at times and could've been executed better. But it gave me Oska-oppa so I can't be too unhappy. =)

Dream High -- 8.5/10

Super fun coming of age story about six students at a music school. It surpassed my expectations to be sure. It's the usual "follow your dreams" spiel but it never feels trite. I profess I didn't care at all for the main heroine and found her incredibly unlikable. For me, it was all about Kim Soo-hyun's turn as Sam-dong, the country bumpkin.

My Princess -- 8/10

Sweet, whimsical, breezy. Kim Tae-hee is wonderfully likable in a story that was practically made for me. I adore her character, Seol, so much that I can forget the repetitive plot that wasted a lot of potential. Song Seung-heon is equally charming as Hae-young (and did I mention gorgeous?)

Be Strong Geum Soon -- 5.5/10

Oh Kang Ji-hwan, my love for you truly knows no bounds. It was only you and Han Hye-jin's sweet romance that allowed me to barrel through episode upon episode of utter garbage. *sigh* You look REALLY good in a doctor's coat at least...

Shoot for the Stars -- 6/10

Unexceptional and very forgettable melodrama. Wasted the talents of Jeon Do-yeon and Jo In-sung. Their chemistry was sweet and fun though.

Best Love -- 8.5/10

Ah...what a satisfying drama. It's not my favorite of the Hong Sisters repetoire but it delivers everything I've come to love about their writing--funny and memorable characters, meaningful dialogue delivered in unpretentious ways, hilarious situations....and so much more. Gong Hyo-jin and Cha Seung-won make these characters their own and make their struggles so very down-to-earth. Love!

Lie to Me -- 4/10

UGH. HORRIBLE WRITING. The storyline is boring, circular and Yoon Eun-hye's character makes NO sense. Kang Ji-hwan is forced into being a cookie cutter chaebol. They barely save it by having good chemisty. By the end, I just didn't care. I didn't care at all.

You've Fallen for Me -- 7.5/10

Atmospheric yet slow. Simple yet somehow cluttered. I enjoyed the simple romance between the leads but found them a tad boring. In fact, the plot was pretty dull. I enjoyed the musical aspect of it but it still felt like a very shallow look at students at an art school.

Evasive Inquiry Agency -- 8/10

Quirky, crazy and a bit mad-cap at times, this is a story about a group of diverse would-be treasure hunters. Strong acting and witty dialogue make this fun to watch. It felt a little slow to start and it was never gripping for me but it was extremely entertaining. I adored Lee Min-ki and his turn as the brash and a bit dumb judo instructor.

Damo -- 9/10

Heart-wrenching and gorgeous. This drama grabs you by the heart and not only does it not let go but it keeps on squeezing. Ha Ji-won, Lee Seo-jin, and Kim Min-joon are fabulous together and apart. I cared for each one of their characters and that made it all the more difficult to process how at odds everyone was. It's easy to see how this drama make all of them into stars. (And in case anyone wondered I was ALL about Lee Seo-jin's Commander Hwangbo and his love for his damo. *tear*)

The Duo -- 8.5/10

Well-written with incredibly realistic characters. One of the best things about this drama is the world and all of those who inhabit it. They are drawn so well that I understood their hopes, dreams, motivations ect. The plot is a bit meandering and I felt the child actors were much better than the adult one. Still, satisfying and gets more and more gripping as it goes on.

City Hunter -- 9/10

FREAKING BADASS. Seriously. This is like kdrama meets Batman (or any superhero vigilante stroy out there.) This is one sleek and fun drama to watch, plotted well, acted well. Lee Min-ho kills it as the City Hunter. Hook, line and sinker.

Vineyard Man -- 7.5/10

Despite really lousy production values (um hello there fake grapes) and a really uneven plot, this drama is quite charming. This is certainly not Yoon Eun-hye's best work and I profess that she was rather whiny and screechy. But Oh Man-seok is wonderful, charming and he plays pretty much the most perfect man ever. *sigh*

What Happened in Bali -- 6/10

Oh geez...this drama. Ever see a train-wreck or a car accident so horrible that you want to turn away but just can't force yourself to do it? That's this drama in a nutshell. It is miserable people make everyone else's lives more miserable. Jo In-sung is like a force you can't help but watch, gaping. It's a pity that the plot is circular and dull, the love triangle is more obnoxious than swoon-worthy. Oh and So Ji-sup makes the exact same face in every scene he's in. Good riddance to the lot of them.

The Princess' Man -- 9.5/10

Epic, sweeping, romantic, gripping, intense....so many words can describe this phenomally well-done drama. Everything is very nearly perfect--acting, production, scoring, plot. Moon Chae-won is luminous as the headstrong, principled and--most importantly--love struck Se-ryung. Park Shi-hoo is equally fantastic as Seung-yoo, her fated suitor. Together? Magic. Pure magic.

Protect the Boss -- 8/10

This quirky little drama was nothing like I had expected it. Not only does it feature one truly kickass heroine (an extremely charming Choi Kang-hee) and a hilariously neurotic hero (Ji Sung!)  but it's fast-paced, adorable and hilarious. I adored how this drama turned all the conventional kdrama characters (the chaebol, the bitchy second female lead) and turned them on it's ear. It drags a bit towards the end (mainly due to an unnecessary extension) but, all in all, this was very enjoyable.

Flower Boy Ramyum Shop -- 7.5/10

Hilarious! This drama about a rag-tag group of "flower boys" and the woman who led them there is pretty damn funny. It was so entertaining that I could ignore how lackluster the actual plot and writing was. It tended to get extrememly wrapped up in metaphors that I sort of just wanted them to get on with it. The characters are fun to watch though I never felt any type of emotional connection to them. BUT Jung Il-woo is a riot as the self-entitled and cheeky rich boy.

Prosecutor Princess -- 7.5/10

This drama was all about the OTP. Seriously. They were awesome in an epic "WE CAN'T BE TOGETHER" sort of way. It took me a while to settle into the groove of the drama becase the heroine (played by a lovely Kim So-yeon) grated on my last nerve. I enjoyed her character growth though so it wasn't horrible. Park Shi-hoo continues his awesome streak as the hero with mysterious connections and designs on the heroine. Past the main two characters...I couldn't care less about the rest of the drama.

Que Sera Sera -- 9/10

Much like Whatever Happened in Bali, this character-driven drama is like a fiery car accident. You can't look away from the horror. This drama is brave in that it shows the very worst of people and it shows the consequences of our actions. This is not a fairy tale and it isn't apologetic about that. Excellent acting, writing and directing all around. I didn't particularly care for the ending but all of the positives out-weigh the negatives.

What's Up -- 9.5/10

Where do I start to describe this almost perfect drama? It depicts the lives of students at a preforming arts college with such skill and sheer awesomeness that I almost want to weep. The ONLY reason that it's not a perfect 10 is because the network it aired on decided to chop down a 60 minute show to 45 minutes thus sacrificing storylines and character arcs. But despite this, it's a drama that made me laugh and cry. Standouts here are the two Ims-- Im Joo-hwan and Im Joo-eun. WATCH THIS DRAMA.

Wild Romance -- 8.5/10

Lee Shi-young and Lee Dong-wook are awesome in this quietly quirky drama as a hot-tempered baseball player and his loud and tomboyish bodyguard. Park Yeon-seon delivers a story that is delightfully layered, thougtful and poignant (not that I should be surprised at this point). With the exception of Jessica who played the extremely bland second female lead, everyone else is just as wonderfully layered and quirky. Im Joo-eun is downright awesome as Lee Shi-young's odd friend. It's probably not a drama for anyone looking for a lot of romance action but what's there packs a punch.


Hana Yori Dango – 9/10 

This will always have a special place in my heart despite the truly horrendous fashion. Cracky but heartfelt. Inoue Mao is adorable as the very awesome Makino and along with Matsumoto Jun complete one of the most epic OTPs ever. Plus nothing’s cooler than the F4, right?

Hana Yori Dango Returns -- 8.5/10 

Season 2 dials up the angst button. The love square gets a bit tiresome and I’m forever frustrated by the end of the Sojiro/Yuki storyline but the OTP is worth it. So, so worth it.

Nodame Cantabile -- 8/10 

Weird, laugh-out-loud funny and inspirational. You’ll never think classical music is boring after watching Tamaki Hiroshi conduct.

Nodame Cantabile in Paris -- 8.5/10

The next chapter is most of the same Nodame magic but with the added benefit of character development. I always like that.

Hana Kimi + Special -- 6.5/10 


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon -- 6/10 

Campy but fun. You’ll probably only like it if you loved the original Sailor Moon. Which I do. I’ll admit it. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Absolute Boyfriend + Special -- 7/10 

Because we all want a perfect robot boyfriend, right? Even in the manga, I always preferred the other guy. Ah well. It’s still pretty amusing.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji -- 6.5/10 

Cracky, crackity, crack. That about all that registers here.

Love Shuffle -- 8/10 

Sleek, original and hilarious. The characters are complex and the twists are genuine. The end was a bit off in certain parts. But I still enjoyed this one immensely. Yay panda!

Atashinchi no Danshi -- 5/10 

I…don’t know why I watched this. Cracky and weird. Plus it had the most random romance ever.

Hotaru no Hikari -- 8/10

Hotaru wins at life and I want her and Buchou to be awesome together for the rest of eternity. Teshima is annoying as all get out though...

Tokyo Dogs -- 7.5/10

Part buddy cop, part police thriller. I enjoyed the dynamic between the two male leads even if the storyline fell a little flat for me. Oguri Shun is excellent and really sheds the ever-present comparison to Hanadan's Rui. He also always needs to wear a suit. Just sayin'.


It Started With A Kiss -- 7/10 

Despite getting frustrated with the heroine’s antics, I found the OTP action quite cute. I love the emotional buildup to the end despite not liking the final episode.

Smiling Pasta -- 6/10 

Repetitive at times, cute in others. Feels like a total rip-off of Full House though. Also, I’ll be happy if I never hear that stupid “Little Turtle” song again.

MARS -- 8/10 

Gritty and moving story about two damaged people who fix the other. Barbie Hsu and Vic Zhou are awesome and break my heart all at the same time. Goes above and beyond the usual Taiwanese standard of drama.

Devil Beside You -- 4/10 

Bleck. Banal story with characters that I think are meant to look pretty instead of actually do anything. Plus…Mike He’s hair. Watch Why Why Love instead.

Meteor Garden -- 5/10 

Though it sticks closely to the Hanadan storyline, the characters never go beyond shallow. Shancai just yells a lot and misses a lot of Makino’s vulnerabilities. So, no thanks.

Down with Love -- 7/10

Awesome characters and some hilarious situations aren't enough to cancel out that abrupt ending and draggy center. I finally get that fuss about Jerry Yan though.

Zhong Wu Yan -- 7.5/10

This drama was really great up until the last few episodes where it dragged on and on. It just got downright boring. Which is sad because the two leads were excellent. I found the two secondary leads to be tiresome and whiny. Ah well.

ToGetHer -- 8/10

The best thing about this drama for me was its atmosphere. It has this lovely atmospheric and indie vibe that I truly adored. The plot was a bit ho-hum, especially towards the ending. And I could never connect with Raine Yang though I think she's improved immensely. Still, worth a watch -- If only for Jiro Wang's wonderful turn as Mars.

Jade Palace Lock Heart -- 7.5/10

Addicting and pretty to look. This drama lifts scenes and dialogue straight from Hana Yori Dango (or Meteor Rain) and surprisingly it works. But I felt it never tried to do much more than that. It's silly fun and crazy dramatic at turns, giving me whiplash.



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Nice list, we think the same about a lot of things here ^_^

your_insomniayour_insomnia on December 28th, 2011 06:53 pm (UTC)
Haha, I cracked up on your description of What Happened in Bali.
It is miserable people make everyone else's lives more miserable.
You couldn't have said it more perfectly...Rich, restless, miserable people making the already miserable poor people more miserable..I really can't see why people love that drama so much.